[rt-users] 3.6.1 Ticket Priority never changes

Farrell,Bob farrellb at studentsonly.com
Mon Oct 2 05:22:32 EDT 2006

In each Queue, I have the Priority set to start at 10 ( or lower ) and
end at 0. I then have the Ticket should be completed in set to 10 days.


I have tried it with different params, and still no luck.


This is not a HUGE deal, because my team knows that ALL tickets are
important, etc., but prioritizing them is a great feature.


Thank you for your response.




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Can you go more into detail? How have you set up the Priority Change?

2006/10/2, Farrell,Bob <farrellb at studentsonly.com>:


                Any place I may have missed in configuration to allow
the priority of tickets to actually function?

Everything works great, except it appears the ticket priority is not
moving at all.


Thanks in advance.


Bob Farrell


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