[rt-users] Re: [Rt-devel] some stupid ticket systems decide to change the subject line

Florian Weimer fweimer at bfk.de
Mon Oct 2 11:56:22 EDT 2006

* Roy El-Hames:

> Some of our customers ticket systems decide on changing the subject
> line altogether,and as a result we get an update to one of our tickets
> that generate new one instead of adding new correspondence to the
> original ticket. Is there any way we can add new headers where RT
> should be looking for [myrt #number] instead of the subject line ..

The correct way to deal with this problem is to use ticket-specific
email addresses.  This way, you are immune to subject rewriting.  You
can even copy the subject line from the auto-response, so that the
tickets are linked together in both systems (there should be an
AdoptSubject script which implements this).

Interoperability of ticketing systems is a very neglected issue, I'm

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