[rt-users] Search on Ticket Transaction custom fields

Hersker, Steve SHersker at TNGUS.com
Tue Oct 10 12:01:23 EDT 2006



I think this has been an mentioned in the past and I dug through the
lists again but no luck but I may have missed it...


Is there a way to search for values in a custom field associated with a
Ticket Transaction, not a Ticket?


We track our after-hours support calls by flagging the Ticket
Transaction as No, Yes (Emergency), Yes (non-emergency). I'd prefer to
keep it on the Ticket Transaction level because we may continue working
on a particular issue during regular hours. So, perhaps 30 minutes was
after hours but we continued and resolved the ticket after another 60
minutes during business hours. I need to report the 30 minutes, not the
total 90 minutes.


Depending on the responses to this, I'll likely just have to move the
custom field up to the Ticket level and advise my engineers that if it's
not resolved after hours, they'll need to open a new ticket for the
"business hours" portion and reference the other ticket.


Does anyone have any suggestions for handling this better? (The goal
being to report to mgmt the # of and time worked for after hours support





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