[rt-users] Problems Multi taksing

Alain Sips asips at nl.clara.net
Tue Oct 31 03:45:42 EST 2006

This is if you do 

SHOW Processlist;

in mysql.

I think we may have found the cause of the problem: every user is a
privileged user who had modifyticket rights. Of course this brings problems
once the database is growing. I'm going to change all permissions today and
hope this will do the trick..


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On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 09:18 +0100, Alain Sips wrote:
> I checked where it can be, and one thing I found out is that when you
> want to retrieve a ticket, a lock is set during the time the ticket
> gets displayed on the screen, for example: 
> | 40456 | rt_user | rtdb.vianetworks.nl:56980 | rt3  | Query   |    8
> | User lock    | SELECT
> GET_LOCK('Apache-Session-3623293be2c14213fb0441bcba44ccf0', 3600)    

Which table is this from?

  - Dmitri.

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