[rt-users] Approvals status open->resolved

Chia-liang Kao clkao at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 13 10:46:19 EST 2009

Richard Foley <Richard.Foley <at> rfi.net> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm using RT 3.8.2 to set up approvals, and I'd like the approval process to 
> set the ticket status to "resolved", instead of "open".  I'm setting the 
> status to "pending" inbetween times, and I'd like to get to "resolved" 
> without RT ignoring me   To which end I have fudged the code temporarily 
> like this:

Do you mean the status of the ticket pending approval?  the code you changed is
for setting the status for the approvals of next level to "open".  If you want
to change the status of the "top" ticket, you want to do that in the "if
($passed)" section, and do SetStatus on $top.

> # /opt/rt3/lib/RT/Approval/Rule/Passed.pm:line 80:
>         # $obj->SetStatus( Status => 'open', Force => 1 );
>         $obj->SetStatus( Status => 'resolved', Force => 1 );
> Only the ticket is still set to "open"!
> The target ticket is happily marked as "rejected" or "open", but I'm unable to 
> get it to choose "resolved"...  I've also tried this with local/ with no more 
> luck - anyone have a better idea, please?

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