[rt-users] Autocreated on ticket submission - Quert Builder

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Thu Feb 19 09:30:40 EST 2009

Bashir Jahed wrote:
> Man how did this happen, all user have ticked "Allow user to access RT"
> I am assuming this is the permission problem. Problem is how do i
> disable this....Thousands of email addresses....

I think you're misunderstanding how the system works.

In order to raise a ticket, the ticket must have a requestor. If the
requestor doesn't exist as a user, the ticket can't be created. If you
want someone to be able to create a ticket by email, it must auto-create
an account for them based on the e-mail address.

What you're seeing is normal behaviour. It would only be a problem if
they were all being granted privileged user status (the checkbox for let
this user be granted rights). In that case, then they would all show up
in a user-selection combo box.

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