[rt-users] Bug with reply and /txt files in 3.8.2?

Alex Young alexyoung at scoutsolutions.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 09:32:42 EST 2009

I think we have possibly found a bug in 3.8.2 on the ticket display. If
you do a reply and add a text file attachment it submits correctly and
shows the .txt file in-line with the ticket.


If I click Reply on that correspondence it doesn't include the message
body, it includes the .txt file contents with > at the start.


The response to the ticket requestor also doesn't include the .txt
attachment. Instead it includes a .htm attachment with the message body
in it.


I have also attached other attachments as well as a .txt file, and all
attachments work fine, with the exception of the .txt file. Again, it
transforms into a .htm attachment of the message body.


Does anyone else have this behaviour in 3.8.2?

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