[rt-users] RTx::WorkflowBuilder - Can't call method "HasUnresolvedDependencies" on an undefined value

Chia-liang Kao clkao at bestpractical.com
Thu Feb 26 22:40:54 EST 2009

Hi Richard,

> It transpires the approval ticket is actually created, although I am  
> unable to
> see it unless I look up the id directly, even though my user  
> currently has
> every right imaginable.  Further, when I reject the (hidden)  
> approval, this
> appears to be succesful.  However, when I resolve the (still hidden)
> approval, I see the following error:
> System error
> error:  	Can't call method "HasUnresolvedDependencies" on an  
> undefined value
> at /opt/rt3/bin/../local/lib/RT/Approval/Rule/Passed.pm line 35.
> context:  	

Is this a single-stage or multi-stage approval?  and is the test t/ 
approval/basic.t passing for you?	

If you look at the (hidden) approval ticket by putting the ticket id  
into Display.html, do you see DependedOnBy containing the actual  
ticket or other approvals?


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